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The coaching package helps you to focus only on training

With the SportMate coaching package, you can easily manage your guests and their bookings, sell your passes online and even handle invoicing.

Client management

Manage your clients easily, from anywhere. Record your guest or let them to register with just a few steps. Easily see your guest's most important data, pass purchases, pass usage and reservations..

  • Quick registration
  • Convenient data handling
  • Editable from anywhere

Calendar & Online Reservations

You won't need a notebook, because SportMate comes with a pretty neat calendar system. Record private training sessions or create available slots for which your guests can book freely using the appropriate tickets.

  • You can also view free appointments that can be booked
  • You can use it for individual and group training as well

Tickets & Passes

Every booking in SportMate is done using a ticket or a pass, and it automatically manages the redemptions. Deducted when booking and returned to the guest upon cancellation, so it can be used immediately for another session. No more forgotten payments either.

  • Automatic registration of passes and tickets
  • Handling cancellations

Online payment & invoicing

You don't have to worry about invoicing anymore. On-site cash is of course still available, but you can save a lot of time with online payment and invoicing. When your guests buy their passes and register their reservations, the system issues the invoices automatically with the integration of

  • Automate the sale of tickets & passes
  • Online invoicing integration
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Packages & Pricing

The following packages are specifically created for Coaches.

The indicated prices are net prices and do not include sales tax.

* Based on the fees specified in the TOS

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